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All Reading

Is someone you know struggling to read?
At  All Reading     we know with the right teaching 
almost everyone CAN learn to read
We are passionate about making reading happen
Jackie Nieuwenhuizen (new-en-how-zen !) Reading Specialist (and Vic. Institute of Teaching registered teacher)

I am a teacher with many years experience in teaching reading. I established All Reading in response to hearing far too many stories about people of all ages, who for many different reasons, are struggling to read and to spell - they are two sides of the same coin.

All Reading offers programs for everyone: parents wanting to  help their beginning readers;  kids who need the right teaching;  teenagers and adults who need age appropriate, dignified teaching that works and works fast; schools & kindergartens (both teachers and ESS) wanting to teach reading in the way the evidence clearly tells us is most effective and efficient.
Because everyone deserves the chance to read.


Teenagers & Adults

Everybody Can Learn to Read - information sessions

Beginning Readers

One to one
specialist teaching
in reading and spelling 
or training for parents
Practical and informative sessions for anyone who wants to know what the evidence tells us about how best to make sure everyone learns to read and what you can do to help.
Practical, clear information, resources, programs, what to look out for, what to do when there's a problem.

Age appropriate, evidence based programs that work fast

One on one teaching using  programs designed specifically for older struggling readers and spellers. The programs will build skills, confidence and knowledge in hours rather than years. Recommended by the Dyslexia SpLD trust and Interventions for Literacy and used by many, many teachers with great success.
There are two options for young struggling readers - we can work one-to-one using evidence based programs with parents doing a bit of practice with kids between sessions - we use programs that have been shown to work and work fast.
Or we can train you  to use a home based program - we'll show you simply and clearly how to teach a child to read and provide the support you need along the way. It’s a sensible and easy-to-follow  way to help a child gain the essential skills of reading. Everything you need is included in one simple to use text – no glue and scissors, no flash cards, no complicated directions – just you, a teaching book and a child learning together.

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What’s different about it: I’ll tell you what’s different! They’re not making me memorise lists of baby words. I can spell (writes on board) condition, I can spell conditioner, I can spell conditioned, I can spell conditioning.
                                        Jimmy, Year 8 student

Mum, it's so cool, because now I get it.
I just couldn't get it before

​                         Emil (8), struggling learner reader

I started with nothing but a desire to help my son to read! I would recommend this program to any parent wanting to help a child with reading difficulties. Tom is proof that it really does work! Thanks from both of us.
Jenny, mum of Tom, learner reader.
Great training course, I feel really confident now and am looking forward to starting to teach.
Bronwyn, teacher’s aide.
I didn’t think it would go this well. I was a bit nervous. I didn’t think I’d be able to get to read this fast.  
                                                Tony aged 20​​

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